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Products - Weedmats and Assorted Cloths

These are available in two sizes - 91cm wide and 1.8 metres wide.
There are a variety of cloths, styles and colours including frost cloth, mulch film and bird-netting.
These are available in an assortment of roll sizis.  We can also cut lengths to your requirements.

Weedmat black woven 10 metre Rolls x 90 cm wide
Weedmat black 90cm wide per metre
Weedmat black 90cm wide per 50 metre roll
Weedmat 1.8m wide per metre
Weedmat 1.8m wide per 50m Roll
Weedmat Brown 91cm x 200m roll or by the metre
Weedmat Brown 1.8mx200m Roll or by the metre
Weedmat Pins bag of 10
Windbreak 90cm wide per metre
Windbreak 1.8m per metre
Birdnetting Asst sizes and availble by the metre at 4m wide.

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