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Products - Miscellaneous

Greenfingers has a huge range of miscellaneous products for the home gardener



Wine Barrels, halves & whole (phone first to check stocks as these are popular and sell out quickly)

Assorted Sprays, Insect & Fungicides, Weedsprays, Slug Bait and Turf Sprays 

Azalea & Camelia Fertiliser  10kg
Blood and Bone

8 Kg 6% N & 25kg bags available

Citrus Fertiliser 10Kg
General Purpose Fertiliser 10Kg
Gypsum 10 or 25Kg
Lawn Fertiliser 10Kg
Lime 10 or 25Kg
Nitrophoska Blue TE 40Kg
Rose Fertiliser 10Kg
Dolomag 10Kg
Ravensdown Dolomite 25Kg
Superphosphate 40Kg
Turf Fertiliser 25Kg
Osmocote Slow Release 25Kg
Slow release Fertiliser 2 Kg
Cropmaster NPK 15/10/10
Nitosol Liquid Feed 1 Ltr
Wonder Nuggets 8 Kg & 25kg
Pea Straw  Mulch small bales
Barley Straw Mulch small bales
1 Year Planting Tabs 1 Kg bags
1 Year Planting Tabs 10.5 Kg
Water Storage Crystals 500 grams
Grass Seeds  
Rye Grass Seed 1kg, 25Kg
Rye/Fescue Mix 1kg, 25kg
Turfgrass Seed 500gm
Newtons Lawn Seed Range 1kg prepacks
Scotts Lawnbuilder 2.5Kg, 20Kg
Scotts Lawnbuilder/weedkill 2.5Kg
Scotts seed/fert spreader  
Tree Tie webbing  
Drain Coil 65mm x 30m roll or by the metre
Drain Coil 110mm x 30m roll or by the metre
Florifix per metre
Garden Gloves Assorted  
Planter Bags Assorted size range From PB3/4 up to PB40
Brustic Brushwood and Bamboo Fence Panels Assorted Range
Bamboo Stakes Assorted sizes
Hardwood Euc Tree Stakes .25x.25x1.8m
Hardwood Euc Tree Stakes .40x40x1.8m
Lawn Roller  
Lawn Roller can be hired per day
Pots and Garden Ornaments available at our Town Yard

Contact Us for more information.