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Products - Paving

Greenfingers has a good range of paving. Enquire today.
Plain Concrete Pavers  
Square 500x500
Square non-slip 610x610
Rectangle 610x300
Hexagonal 450mm
Round 300mm, 450mm, & 600mm



Tree Rings

300mm, 535mm

Mowing Strip  1200x90x70  
Mowing Strip Corner  600mm  
Mowing Strip  600mm  
Waterworn Schist Pavers per m2    


AS SEEN ON TV, call in to either yard and check it out, pick up a brochure and price list.

Granite Pavers  assorted sizes, colours  
Alpine Feature Rocks per Kg    
Paradise Paving Thick/Thin per m2    

Contact Us for more information.