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Products - Ground Covers

Mulch keeps the garden moist in the summer and free of weeds in the winter. There are so many choices such as landscape bark, bark peel (inexpensive rough stuff), wood mulches and coloured wood.  If you are not sure what's right for your garden then pop into one of our yards and talk to the team about your requirements and we will help you get sorted.

A range of Nugget grades and mulching bark for every situation. Please click on image to enlarge.

Courtesy loan trailers are available in both yards to transport your bark home. We can also deliver bulk purchases anywhere in Northland

Landscape Bark - Grade 3 Keep weeds down, moisture in. Best used with our weedmats.
Landscape Bark - Grade 4 Excellent in general landscaping and childrens playgrounds. Best used with our weedmats
Landscape Bark - Grade 5 The "chunky" look, awesome on large areas. Best used with our weedmats.
Bark Mulch Retains moisture, controls weeds, excellent on rose beds, and as a claybreaker.
Bark Peel Great weed and moisture control. Excellent on steep slopes.
Eco Mulch Composted Wood waste and Bark fines, an economical alternative.
Pine Chip Decorative wood chip. Rich golden colour. Silvers with age.
Post Peelings Great on large mature gardens and steep slopes.
Black Mulch A smooth wood chip that has been dyed black (does fade after a few years)


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